Friday, September 23, 2005

Lazy academics...

I admit that every now and then I dabble into the ugliness that is the creation/ID debate. Sadly, I feel that most of the work put in by scientists to explain evolution is quite the waste of time and most of it gets drowned out in the many distortions and outright lies put forth by creationists/IDers.

Recently, I came across and article by Timothy Birdnow published in the American Thinker. It’s full of the above mentioned distortions and mistakes. Yet, in the subsequent debate I came across this quote on his blog:

Timothy Birdnow said

Thanks Mr. Willms (sic)!

I had not yet even read Doctor Myers article when he commented here, and had to acertain (sic) his sex from the first post on my blog (his profile was unavailable, and I didn`t know he was the host of Misanthrope, or whatever he calls his blog). Maybe Darwinists have evolved telepathy and clairvoyance, but us knuckle-draggers went down a different evolutionary path.

Yes, the fury and vitriolic attacks come as no surprise; I suspect that most of these people are students or academics, and have succled (sic) on the mammary of a state university or their parents rather than actually put in a days work. (emphasis mine)

Maybe, one should know that Timothy Birdnow is not a scientist. In fact, he is a real estate agent dabbling in evolution. Now, I do not disregard his opinions, just because he is not a scientist. In fact, I don’t even want to bother dealing with his arguments. Others have done so and only gotten more distortions as response.

I’m just puzzled by the disdain Mr. Birdnow has for students and academics. Clearly, he feels that real estate agents have hard, honest and productive days of work, acting as a mediator between a person wanting to sell an item and a person who wants to buy an item; thus, inserting a middleman, who can skim a little money of the top from the transaction. Now, I am not saying that real estate agents are not useful. Not that I ever needed one, but I might foresee some time in the future when I’ll be glad to have one around. Yet, I wonder if Mr. Birdnow thinks he could actually perform his real estate agent duties without relying on all that stuff those folks who never put in a hard days work in their life help to invent and build.


At 4:12 PM, Blogger Shinobi said...

is stupid contagious? I don't want to click the link in case I catch it.

At 4:20 PM, Blogger hrun said...

I think it might be, since I seem to be getting stupider as the day goes by... but of course that could also be due to my Friday afternoon engagement with a sixpack of chilled Sierra Nevada. ;)

At 4:50 PM, Blogger Shinobi said...

I posted about these idiots too, it hurts, make it stop hurting.


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