Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This is our Tsunami.

I understand that Hurricane Katrina wreaked considerable havoc in the south and killed at least 55 people in Mississippi alone. Still, to call this “our Tsunami”, clearly in reference to the recent Tsunami in South East Asia which killed roughly 4000 times as many people is probably a little callous.

Update: Shinobi was equally puzzled (or sickened) by the statement.

Btw. by linking back to Shinobi who already linked to this post I am trapping unsuspecting surfers to click back and forth between our two Blogs in perpetuity. MMMMWaaahahahaha.

Update2: Well, the comparisons get worse. This morning on NPR I heard a person (possibly a governor from one of the states afflicted) compare the destruction to Hiroshima! What's next?


At 5:25 PM, Blogger Shinobi said...

Yay Evilness!


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